With Christ, Sonido del Movimiento purposes to use music and dance with children in the Americas, especially Central America, to provide tools of resiliency, an ability for expression, and community building.

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We believe that every kid should have the chance to be a kid. Sadly, many kids around the world are forced to grow up quickly due to poverty, violence, and challenges within their families. SDM strives to give kids the space to be kids: to express themselves through music and dance, to be wild and crazy or graceful or reserved, to have a safe place to be themselves. Through music and dance kids strengthen resiliency, emotional expression, an ability to cope with trauma, and other tools that will help them thrive, yes, but they also have a chance to simply be kids, to play and sing and jump in the freedom of childhood.

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Sonido del Movimiento is a recognized nonprofit in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has received 501(c)3 status from the IRS. Our EIN number is 82-1132383.

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Guatemala: +502 4159 6850

United States: +1 215 469 1119

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